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IT Cost Auditing

Uncover hidden costs to reclaim budget and get more done.

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Cybersecurity Review

Protect your business against growing digital threats now.

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Streamline development and operations. Embrace DevOps to get faster and more reliable.

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Why Work With Trocter?

Businesses use outsourcing to get things done. Working with Trocter, you have access to a pool of vetted project managers and highly skilled professionals that can help you get your "it" done quickly for less.


Your data is secured in a centralized repository with strict access policies that prevent unauthorized downloads or access.


It's no secret that your resources are limited. Outsourcing lets you minimize your indirect costs, letting you invest in building your competitive advantage. Your Project Manager will assign freelancers as needed to maximize output and optimize spend.


Projects fail because issues with scope; the scope is either too ambitious or just poorly defined. Trocter helps you define your project's scope, milestones, and deliverables that fit within your budget.


Your dedicated Project Manager ensures that you're matched with the right, vetted, high-quality talent, and can adjust the team to meet your needs at no extra cost if required.

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